PHIMOSTOP is a MEDICAL DEVICE that resolves the condition of phimosis without surgery

validated by the Italian Ministry of Health and internationally published clinical studies

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What is Phimostop and how it works

Phimostop is a medical device designed to restore the patient to the stage prior to the onset of phimosis, without the need for circumcision surgery.

Phimostop consists of 22 medical silicone elements, designed and manufactured to apply the proven technique of skin dilation to the phimotic ring when subjected to progressive and constant pressure.

The individual elements are specially designed to position themselves on the glans and perform a progressive and gentle dilation, acting directly on the part affected by the tightening.

The tuboids are made of medical silicone and, thanks to a patented fastening system, can be worn without any problem during the day and night.

Through the Phimostop procedure, the scar ring is weakened and thinned, allowing the growth of new elastic cells that replace the inelastic ones within a short period of time.

Thus, the foreskin can allow the glans to be uncovered.

This is why the use of Phimostop can make circumcision surgery unnecessary.

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Designed and manufactured in ITALY


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Why Phimostop is safe

Min Salute

The product Phimostop has been validated by the Ministry of Health on 13/1/2014 under No. 1058196 and is manufactured by Phimomed Srls.

Registration number assigned by the BD/RDM system: 1058196



Subject of clinical research at the Policlinico Tor Vergata in Rome entitled “Can circumcision be avoided in adult male with phimosis? Results of the Phimostop prospective trial”.

The clinical research was published in the international journal ‘Translational Andrology and Urology’ in 2021.

Brevetto EU

The Italian patent was filed under No. RM 2010A000632 on 06/12/2010 Subsequently granted under No. 0001406753 on 07/03/2014.

Also obtained as EU patent granted with No. 2648642.

dispositivo medico

Phimostop is a Class I medical device, which can be ordered without a prescription. Material tested according to current regulations:

– F.D.A. title 21 section CFR 177.2600 & BfR XV (silicone) food industry
– USP Class VI, ISO 10993 & 3A Sanitary standard medical sector
– KTW, W270, WRAS, ACS approval drinking water sector
– European Pharmacopoeia EP 3.1.9 pharmaceutical sector
– ISO 10993 and USP Class IV testing

Why choose it

Phimostop recommended by 80% of patients

Phimostop is a medical device validated by the Italian Ministry of Health and it is the subject of clinical research at theTor Vergata University Polyclinic in Rome. The clinical research was coordinated by Prof. Miano and the results were published in the international scientific journal ‘Tanslational Urology and Andrology’.

Here are the main results of the research:

  • Phimostop can be an alternative to circumcision surgery in cases of phimosis. The objectives of the research authorised by the Scientific Ethics Committee were largely achieved. The object of the clinical research was “INCREASING TREATMENT OF PHIMOSIS WITH PHIMOSTOP DEVICE”.
  • 81% of the patients who reached the primary endpoint confirmed the resolution of their phimosis 24 months after using Phimostop, thus avoiding circumcision. Prior to using the medical device, all patients selected for the research were instructed to undergo surgical treatment to resolve their phimosis.

The research was carried out with the old Phimostop model, which had recently been improved in terms of ergonomics and components (from 13 tubes to 22).

Phimostop was created with the intention of offering an alternative to circumcision for men who do not wish to undergo surgery and removal of the foreskin.The medical device acts mechanically and a minimum of manual skill and patience is required to use it.

TIGHT or CONGENITAL phimosis will take longer to heal, NO TIGHT or ACQUIRED phimosis will heal faster.

In the case of phimosis caused by DIABETES, the device will help to increase the opening of the foreskin but, given the persistence of the cause (diabetes), phimosis may reoccur over time. In this case, it is necessary to reinsert the appropriate tuboids until a new adequate foreskin opening is achieved.

In the case of LICHEN SCLEROSUS the effectiveness of Phimostop is reduced as the foreskin has less elasticity and responds less to stimulation.


Does it work with all types of phimosis?

Acquired Phimosis
Congenital Phimosis

In cases of ACQUIRED PHIMOSIS, the medical device acts on the phimotic ring, stimulating the creation of new elastic cells that will replace those made inelastic by the phimotic tissue.

In CONGENITAL PHIMOSIS, on the other hand, the device induces the growth of the diameter of the foreskin, again in physiological response to dilatation, resolving the congenital problem.


How quickly do you see results?

Phimostop progressione

The response of the foreskin to the dilation induced by the Phimostop tube is more or less rapid depending on several factors

  • the type of phimosis (congenital or acquired)
  • the age of the phimotic ring
  • the degree of phimosis (mild, medium or tight)

The treatment can achieve the result in a few days if the phimosis is acquired and light, while congenital and/or tight phimosis will take longer.

The times may also vary significantly depending on the subjective responses of the organism, which differs from patient to patient. However, any longer times do not affect the successful outcome of the treatment.

The key ingredient is patience. You need to give your body time to develop new cells.

Below is an estimate of the average time for each degree of phimosis.

Tuboid Timing Table Phimostop

Instructions and warnings

Immediately after your purchase you will receive a questionnaire to fill out that will be analysed by our team of experts.
You will receive personalised instructions for your degree of phimosis by email and will be accompanied and assisted until the end of the treatment.

Choose the appropriate tuboid for your phimosis; this must be worn on the glans without excessive force and pain.

Clean your hands, the tuboid, foreskin and glans before use. Moisten the tubeid and foreskin to facilitate insertion of the tubeid and if necessary grease the mouth of the foreskin with lubricating creams (take care not to lubricate the outside of the foreskin).

Inserting the tuboids from 1 to 9:

  • Lower the foreskin as far as possible (do not force)
  • Insert one corner of the protruding base of the tuboid into the foreskin
  • Rotate the tuboid thus inserting the entire base
  • With thumb and forefinger pull up the skin (inner and outer) of the foreskin

Inserting the tuboids from 9 to 22:

  • Lower the foreskin as far as possible (without forcing)
  • Place the base of the tuboid on the glans
  • Use thumb and forefinger to pull up the skin (inner and outer) of the foreskin

Secure the tuboid to the penis by lowering the flaps and applying the tape patch – specially cut – to each side on the foreskin.

Keep each tuboid in place for at least 72 h, until a first stage of phimosis regression is detected, allowing the next tubeid to be inserted. If insertion of the higher calibre tuboid results in pain, it will be necessary to return to using the previous tuboid for at least another 72h.

In individuals subject to recurrent phimosis (e.g. due to diabetes), even in the absence of inflammatory manifestations, it is recommended to wear the most suitable tuboid at regular intervals (e.g. overnight once a week) in order to maintain the elasticity of the preputial tissue and an adequate lumen.


Phimostop has no side effects and causes no pain. Should there be any inflammation or pain/redness, we recommend discontinuing the protocol and contacting your doctor and our customer service.

Do not use in case of:

  • Paraphimosis
  • Lichen sclerus atrophicus
  • Untreated lesions and/or infections
  • Hypersensitivity to the tube material

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22 tuboids of different sizes with certified medical silicone.

Phimostop is produced and processed with polymers and ingredients indicated for medical use in accordance with the requirements of the regulations:

– FDA title 21 section CFR 177.2600 & BfR XV (silicone) for the food sector
– USP Class VI, ISO 10993 & 3A Sanitary standards for the medical sector
– KTW, W270, WRAS, ACS approval for the drinking water sector
– European Pharmacopoeia EP 3.1.9 for the pharmaceutical sector

The silicone used passed the ISO 10993 test series (haemocompatibility, cytotoxicity, 90-day-implantation, skin irritation and sensitization and pyrogenicity) and USP Class VI (acute systemic and intracutaneous toxicity, implantation) tests without showing any undesirable effects.

Phimostop has no side effects and does not cause pain. Should you notice inflammation or pain/redness, it is advisable to suspend the protocol and contact your referring physician and our customer service.

Please do not use if you have:

  • Paraphimosis
  • Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus
  • Untreated injuries and/or infections
  • Hypersensitivity to the material used to make the tuboids


We recommend the use of Phimostop from 13 years old. And now let’s explain why.

In most children, physiological adhesion between the glans penis and foreskin is present at birth, which resolves spontaneously during growth.
The narrowing of the foreskin is therefore to be considered normal in the first years of life. It is present in 96% of cases at birth, in 80% of infants at 6 months and in 10% of children at 5 years. Only after this age (5 years) is it correct to speak of congenital phimosis.

<>The glans is uncovered progressively during childhood and must be complete at the end of puberty. At 13, only 2-4% of men still have phimosis.
There is no reason to accelerate this process unless complications arise and attempts to uncover the glans penis should not be attempted because they may cause secondary phimosis.

Paediatric phimosis is of medical interest only when it is secondary or associated with complications:

  • difficult or painful urination
  • Preputial “ballooning” during urination
  • balanitis
  • recurrent urinary tract infections

For these medical reasons, we only recommend the use of Phimostop from 13 years of age.

Phimostop works with all types of phimosis (congenital and acquired).

In the vast majority of cases, phimosis can be permanently eliminated. Even in complex cases of congenital serrata phimosis.
There are rare cases where the expected result is not achieved. This happens if there are transitory accessory pathologies (for example inflammations not yet resolved) or diseases that compromise the entire foreskin (for example a lichen sclerosis). In these cases, before using Phimostop, inflammation must be treated according to the indications of the attending physician.

Phimostop is:

  • the only medical device validated by the Ministry of Health to treat phimosis by avoiding circumcision;
  • a medical device that can be sold in a chemist without a prescription;
  • a European patent;
  • designed and manufactured entirely in Italy;
  • subject of a clinical study at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome (in a few months we hope to be able to disseminate the results – this is where the coordinating professor of research talks about it : If you were resident in Lazio you could also ask to join the research and you would receive the product for free during the visit;
  • on the market for more than 9 years.

Every man has his own healing times. With a little patience and following the instructions correctly, healing is possible even with a very tight phimosis. We are always available to give the upmost assistance.

Phimostop is based on the theory of skin dilation if subjected to constant pressure over time. It is a mechanical principle, not a “potion” or something “magical”. The effectiveness of the product depends on how it is used.

The product is applicable for all types of phimosis. Its effectiveness may be reduced in the case of Lichen Sclerosis. Lichen Sclerosus, in fact, makes the skin of the foreskin “dry” and does not allow it to heal completely.

Phimostop’s price is determined by several factors, many of which have already been listed.

  • It is the only medical device validated by the Italian Ministry of Health for the treatment of phimosis.
  • It has a European patent.
  • It is the subject of clinical research at the Policlinico of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome.
  • It won the gold medal at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva.
  • It is designed and manufactured entirely in ITALY.
  • It has a CE mark.
  • It has a long period of research and constant updating behind it.
  • Itis made through a series of specific industrial moulds.
  • It is composed of highly selected and certified medical silicone.
  • Assistance offered in 5 different languages.
  • Express shipping offered worldwide.

We put ourselves as a serious alternative to the circumcision surgical operation which, if done in public facilities, often involves long waiting lists (even two years), while in private facilities it is an operation that costs the price of Phimostop ‘dozens of times.

Phimostop is a medical device specifically designed for the treatment of phimosis. It has no side effects and does not cause pain. If you have any discomfort it is because perhaps the tube (made of soft medical silicone) has been positioned incorrectly or because you are rushing too fast (we always recommend taking small steps without ever forcing the phimotic ring). In this case, contact us, and we will give you the upmost assistance to use the product well.

If you have a tight phimosis, it is normal for you to have a very sensitive penis glans. The foreskin cannot discover the penis glans and the skin of the penis glans does not come into contact with any external surface. This prevents the skin of the glans from keratinising and therefore the sensitivity is too high.

In this case, a light anaesthetic cream can be used together with Phimostop. As it becomes possible to discover the glans, hypersensitivity will disappear and you can stop using the cream.

If you do not act in time and procrastinate the resolution of this problem, it is very likely that you may have to undergo circumcision surgery as a last resort to solve the phimosis.

Many doctors are familiar with Phimostop and indicate it as a treatment, before considering circumcision surgery. Not all physicians are familiar with the medical device as the clinical research conducted by the University of Tor Vergata entitled ‘Can circumcision be avoided in adult male with phimosis? Results of the Phimostop prospective trial’ was only published in the international journal ‘Translational Andrology and Urology’ at the end of 2021, and an information campaign towards general practitioners and specialists has not yet been launched.

The Phimostop tube can be applied preferably to resting penis.

The tube does not cause discomfort in the event of an erection.

In the presence of more or less severe phimosis, the use of condoms in sexual intercourse is suggested to avoid forcing the phimotic ring and making the situation worse. During the use of Phimostop it is possible to remove the tube, and then wear it again after sexual intercourse. Once the treatment is over, once the foreskin is free, you can go back to having sexual intercourse as before the onset of phimosis.

It is not necessary to remove the tube. The tube was designed to allow trouble-free urination. Ensure that the tube is well centred on the glans to avoid a deviation of the flow.

Phimostop was designed exclusively for the treatment of phimosis. In the presence of phimosis and short frenulum, the product can be used to treat phimosis. After the treatment it will be possible to intervene on the short frenulum following the instructions of your doctor.
Phimostop does not cure short frenulum.

The foreskin, even healthy, can be naturally scarce (does not completely cover the glans), normal (covers the glans in a state of rest and begins to discover it in a state of erection), abundant (covers the glans also in a state of erection until is not brought down voluntarily or naturally during a relationship).

Consequently, a normal or abundant foreskin can be traced back to the flaps; a little to half of the tube. The regression effect of phimosis is obtained in both cases as long as the phimotic scar ring is raised around the tube and not left below, out of the dilating action of Phimostop.

It is therefore important to pay attention to also raise the inner wall of the foreskin around the tube and not only the outer one.

Absolutely not. You just have to get familiar with the product and get used to it. There is no need to worry as you will receive detailed instructions by email throughout the treatment so that you can use Phimostop as easily and effectively as possible.

Phimostop is manufactured from hypoallergenic medical silicone. The raw material has passed numerous tests in accordance with international standards. The medical device is not sterile and can be cleaned with simple soap and water.