LEADER in the treatment of phimosis WITHOUT CIRCUMCISION

PHIMOSTOP solves the condition of phimosis without surgery by progressively dilating the phimotic ring and promoting the formation of new elastic cells that stabilise the result.

Phimostop 22

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Phimostop: a possible alternative to circumcision in cases of phimosis

Clinical research on the effectiveness of Phimostop as an alternative to circumcision surgery in cases of phimosis was conducted at the Fondazione Policlinico Tor Vergata in Rome. The aim of the research was to avoid circumcision for one third of the patients enrolled. The goal was exceeded to such an extent that 80% of the clinical research participants would recommend using the Phimostop device to other phimosis patients before considering circumcision surgery.

How does Phimostop work?

Applying the tried and tested natural principle of dilating the epidermal tissue, Phimostop stops the progression of phimosis and gradually returns the penis to its original state. Phimostop consists of 22 tuboids that offer a gradual treatment of phimosis. The individual elements are specially designed to position themselves on the glans and perform a gradual gentle dilation directly on the part affected by shrinkage. The tubes are developed with medical silicone and thanks to a patented fastening system, they can be worn without any problem throughout the day and night.

Is Phimostop effective with all types of phimosis?

In cases of ACQUIRED PHYMOSIS, the medical device acts on the phimotic ring, stimulating the creation of new elastic cells to replace those made inelastic by the phimotic tissue.

In CONGENERATED PHYMOSIS, on the other hand, the device induces an increase in the diameter of the foreskin, again in physiological response to dilation, thus overcoming the congenital problem.