Phimostop: Gold Medallists at the Exhibition of Inventions

Phimostop: Gold Medallists at the 43° Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2015

Geneva – “Phimostop renders circumcision surgery for phimosis cases completely unnecessary.” Because of this, David Taji-Farouk, the President of the Scientific Panel at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, now in its 43° edition (17/04/2015), awarded the gold medal for the “Health” category to Carlo Boschetto, the CEO of Phimomed and inventor of Phimostop, a Ministry of Health validated medical device for remission of phimosis and inelastic scar retraction without surgical circumcision.

“In addition to great personal satisfaction – said Boschetto – this award is, above all else, further recognition of the product being validated by a scientific body with over fifty years’ experience, and moreover, at a competition in which excellence has been on display from all over the world. The biggest prize for me, however, remains the strong positive feedback we’ve received on a daily basis, from over 6,000 patients across Europe – said the Italian inventors – who have cured their phimosis without undergoing surgical circumcision simply by using Phimostop “. Boschetto was also, most appreciatively, congratulated by the President of the Republic.