Is Phimosis Treatment Without Surgery Possible?

Phimosis is a common condition, affecting males of all ages. If you are suffering with the condition, a phimosis treatment without surgery is the ideal option to aim for, since the side effects will be minimal. Why take the drastic route of surgery when there are other safe and successful treatment methods available? In this article, we’ll discuss those options.

Phimosis Treatment Without Surgery

When it comes to tight foreskin troubles, wherever possible you should pick phimosis treatment without surgery as your first choice. We’ll discuss the reasons why in detail later in this article. But before we proceed, it’s worth pointing out the importance of speaking to a doctor.

If you have phimosis, you may experience many unwanted symptoms. Swelling, pain, redness and soreness are all common. Difficulty in using the toilet or problems with sex are further possible symptoms which may lead you to seeking out medical help. Of course, this condition requires medical intervention as soon as possible, to prevent the phimosis from worsening.

However, there are different types of phimosis, as well as different levels of severity. Only a trained medical professional can help you to take the appropriate course of action. They will suggest the appropriate phimosis treatment, without surgery or otherwise. 

You must always speak to your doctor. Never attempt a home-made solution, as this can make matters much worse and increase the chances of needing surgery.

What Does Phimosis Mean?

Phimosis is a fairly common medical condition. The main feature is that your foreskin is too tight to move around freely. Usually, it is not possible to draw the skin back over the glans. It is a normal occurrence in babies and toddlers, but in older children it can result from scarring or infection.

There are two distinct types of phimosis, which are as follows.

  • Congenital phimosis. Many young boys are born with the condition. This is referred to as congenital phimosis. It is relatively common and tends to affect boys who are younger than 3 years of age. The obvious symptom is that it is very difficult to pull back the foreskin.
  • Acquired phimosis. When there is an infection under the foreskin, perhaps something like balanitis, it can lead to inflammation. This type of skin condition can trigger phimosis. Poor hygiene, physical damage to the penis or certain conditions like diabetes, can also produce a similar effect. Scarring can occur due to chronic infection and inflammation of your foreskin, which is known as balanoposthitis. This too can produce phimosis in older boys and adult men. This is known as acquired phimosis.

Phimosis is further broken down into two parts: tight and non-tight phimosis. Whatever the type and severity of your phimosis, it must be diagnosed by a medical professional. Your options may or may not include phimosis treatment without surgery. Speak to your doctor.

So What Are the Treatment Options for Phimosis?

There are many possible options for phimosis treatment, either with or without surgery. You should always consult with your doctor before attempting any of the following.

  • Stretching exercises. You may read on the internet that stretching can be a useful phimosis treatment without surgery. However, this is not a good option. It can lead to tearing of your foreskin, infection and scarring, which further worsens your phimosis.
  • Use of steroid creams. Similarly, there is a lot of online content suggesting the use of steroid creams to help stretch your foreskin. This is another reason why you must speak to a doctor. This is some evidence to suggest that steroid creams will work for infants, but not usually for adults.
  • Surgical options. Surgeons can remove part of your tight foreskin, with a partial circumcision, or all of your foreskin (full circumcision). 
  • Non-surgical alternatives. There are a range of home remedies, which are proven to help cure phimosis. Phimostop is the most well-known of these products.

Why Should We Go For Phimosis Treatment Without Surgery?

Surgery may be necessary, but it should be considered as the last resort. Some doctors will suggest it, but why employ such drastic, long-lasting measures when there are better non-surgical alternatives?

We should try everything possible to find a phimosis treatment without surgery. Why?

  • Surgery can have several side effects, including infection, bleeding and the risks associated with anaesthesia.
  • Surgery can affect your confidence and cause many psychological issues. This may affect your sexual performance and relationships.
  • You may develop a loss of sensitivity in your glans following circumcision.
  • There is always a chance that surgery can go wrong, however slim.

Therefore, if you have a choice, you should always opt for phimosis treatment without surgery.

Phimostop: A Phimosis Treatment Without Surgery

Now that you understand the reasons to seek a phimosis treatment without surgery, you may want to try one for yourself. Fortunately, there is a clinically proven medical device already available to buy, which is increasing in popularity.

Phimostop is a safe and a reliable alternative to surgery, designed by medical experts. It is a device approved by the Italian Ministry of health which has an EU patent.

Although home-made remedies are ineffective or even dangerous, Phimostop is not in the same category. This home treatment comes medically approved, proven to be safe and effective. It is available to buy here, with free delivery.

However, always discuss your options with a doctor before using this device, or any other potential phimosis treatment.

Phimosis Treatment Without Surgery: Conclusions

Phimosis is a common condition which is highly treatable. There are many possible options for curing a tight foreskin. It is important to discuss with your doctor and select the most suitable option for you. If you have the choice, keep surgery as the last resort, as there can be many things which can go wrong. Aim to stick to phimosis treatment without surgery, such as Phimostop, for the best results.