Phimosis and Sex: Is It a Good Idea?

A common problem for those afflicted by phimosis concerns sex. If you find it impossible to retract your foreskin fully, there is likely to be a loss of pleasure. In more extreme cases, it can be outright painful and cause additional damage to the penis. Are you concerned about how phimosis may affect your sex life? If so, the advice found within this article might just help you out.

Does Phimosis Mean No Sex?

In short, no. With most cases of phimosis, it will still be possible to have sex. However, one cannot deny the fact that it will not be as enjoyable. It your foreskin is not be able to retract fully, there is highly likely to be a dulling of the pleasurable sensations associated with sex.

In more severe cases of phimosis, there is every possibility of your condition becoming more aggravated by sex. Forcing a tight foreskin to move, even though it can’t do so freely, can cause tears. This can lead to infection and even scarring. Infections cause inflammation, which can lead to the formation of phimosis. And hardened scar tissue can worsen an existing phimotic ring.

Finally, there is also potential for possible psychological problems in the bedroom. Someone with phimosis may not feel confident when trying to have sex, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

What Happens During Sex With Phimosis?

In terms of physical issues, it really depends upon the severity of the phimosis. It is entirely possible that phimosis will not lead to painful sex. There are many cases where the man may have difficulty in reaching a climax, but experiences no discomfort or pain.

In extreme cases of phimosis, sex becomes much more uncomfortable. There is a strong chance in such situations that the skin may rupture. This is distressing, both in terms of the physical pain, but also the long term effects on your sex life. You may benefit from the use of lubricated condoms. This can help to reduce friction, which may lead to tearing of the foreskin during copulation. 

As previously mentioned, it may not be possible for you to fully enjoy sex with your partner. Where it is not possible to uncover the glans, it is going to be difficult to achieve orgasm. This can cause emotional problems for both you and your partner. A healthy sex life is an important part of any relationship, after all. Loss of confidence can also lead to erection problems, worsening the situation.

What Not To Do With Phimosis and Sex

Under no circumstances, no matter how frustrating it may be, should you attempt to force the skin to move. If you tear the skin, not only can you kiss goodbye to pain-free sex for the coming weeks, you can worsen the condition.

Phimosis is often triggered by an infection which leads to swelling and the hardening of the tissue around the glans. Rips and tears can easily become infected, which can cause a worsening of the phimosis. Additionally, these ruptures heal with scar tissue, which is also tough, inelastic skin tissue. If phimosis is caused by hardened skin cells, you can probably guess what happens when you continue to build up a layer of toughened skin.

When having sex, make sure to use plenty of lubrication to assist with the prevention of splitting the foreskin.

Psychological Effects

When you are worried about something, it can of course lead to problems in the bedroom. Concern over phimosis is no different. Perhaps you are embarrassed about the condition, or maybe you are just worried that your phimosis will lead to less pleasurable sex for your partner? Whatever it is, these psychological issues are perfectly normal.

You can speak to your doctor about therapy to help you overcome psychological effects brought about by phimosis, such as erectile dysfunction. You should of course be speaking to your doctor anyway, if you are struggling with this condition. The only way to properly treat phimosis is to consult with a professional.

Treatment Options For Phimosis

Fortunately, although you might be struggling with phimosis, treatment options are available. First of all, you should seek the advice of a trained healthcare professional. They will advise you regarding the type of phimosis you have, as well as its severity. This is the correct way to work out a treatment plan.

In many cases, the doctor will resort to recommending surgery. Circumcision, whether full or partial, is not for everyone. In such an eventuality, you may prefer to try Phimostop. This award-winning, medically approved device helps to naturally restore the flexibility of your foreskin. Not only is it approved by the Italian Ministry of Health, it carries a European patent.

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While circumcision absolutely will solve the problem of phimosis, it may not improve your sex life. There are countless examples of circumcised men reporting a loss of sensation in the most delicate part of their penis. The newly dulled senses can lead to a less enjoyable experience in the bedroom. It can contribute to a loss of enjoyment and lack of sex drive, as well as other psychological issues.

Phimosis and Sex: Conclusions

In short, we can conclude by assuring you that phimosis does not have to be the end of your sex life. It might not be as pleasurable as it would have otherwise been, but you can still enjoy sex with your partner. Further, there is a wide range of phimosis treatment options available. Despite phimosis, using products such as Phimostop can help to bring a spark back into the bedroom.