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Stretching Phimosis with Phimostop!

PhimoStop is an innovative and unique approach to the non-surgical resolution of phimosis, designed and patented by Phimomed. It is a tight foreskin stretcher tool.


  1. is a medical device to cure phimosis without surgery
  2. is validated by the Ministry of Health (No. 1058196)
  3. is a European Patent (No. 2648642) with a gold medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
  4. is a stretching phimosis tool
  5. can also be sold in pharmacies
  6. can be purchased without a medical prescription
  7. in 2017 treated more than 2000 men with phimosis

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Phimostop – tight foreskin stretcher

It is a medical device (tight foreskin stretcher) sold at pharmacies without a prescription, that’s designed to return the patient to their status before the onset of phimosis, without surgical circumcision. After a few days of use, the foreskin will be able to slide freely over the glans, even when erect, without any pain.

Stretching tight foreskin with Phimostop

After analysing the effects of phimosis, it was found that only a small part of the foreskin was affected by shrinkage due to the disease, while the rest of the tissue remained fully functional. However, the ring of scar tissue formed prevented the tissue extending freely. This condition causes the aches and pains, which are often debilitating, when performing personal hygiene operations and most commonly, when having sexual intercourse.

If neglected and untreated over time, phimosis may cause a progressive strangulation of glans requiring urgent intervention. Phimostop allows to block the progression of the disease and gradually returns the penis to its original condition.

Taking advantage of the natural propensity of epidermal tissues to change themselves when subjected to prolonged dilating pressures, Phimomed researchers developed a system that allows the body to restore natural function to the foreskin via gentle, minimal and progressive stretching. Phimostop is a perfect stretching phimosis device and home natural treatment, validated by the Ministry of Health (No. 1058196).

By using the Phimostop process, the ring of scar tissue is gradually weakened, allowing the growth of new elastic cells to replace the inelastic ones, within a short period of time, returning the foreskin to its pre-phimotic state. Use of the Phimostop procedure can therefore make surgical circumcision completely unnecessary.

Phimostop manufactured an item specifically designed to stretch the foreskin gently and progressively: the ‘Tuboid’.

Tuboids are anatomically configured for their intended purpose and, if used correctly, always achieve the anticipated result, even if the time this takes varies from subject to subject.

Depending on the phimosis’ leve and the possible opening diameter of the foreskin, you will start with the appropriate tuboid (the tuboids are 7 – from 6 mm to 35 mm / from 0.24 inches to 1.38 inches). The tuboid, fixed with the appropriate system, will work passively on the cicatricial ring. Slowly the non-elastic cells will cede and you can move on to the next level (integrating the intermediate ring with the tuboid).

The process continues until the foreskin discovers the glans again, without constraints and forcing.

– Phimostop is a medical device (stretching phimosis device), sold in pharmacies without a prescription.
– Medical Device of Class I
– Local andrological use
– Each pack contains 7 Tuboids with diameters that increase progressively from 6 mm to 35 mm and 6 intermediately-sized growth rings, made from a medical grade silicone that’s free of active ingredients.