Validated by the Ministry of Health

Classified in Class I and CE marked

Classified in Class I and CE marked


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Phimostop Plus is a innovative non-surgical approach to the resolution of phimosis studied and patented by Phimomed.

. Phimostop is a medical device validated by the Ministry of Health in Italy N. 1058196 . It is the only medical device validated by the Ministry for the treatment of phimosis as an alternative to circumcision.

.Phimostop is classified in Class I and is therefore available without a prescription.

. Phimostop is protected by a EU patent N. 2648642 and has CE mark

. Phimostop is totally “ Made in Italy ” (designed and produced entirely in Italy).

. Phimostop is composed of elements in certified medical silicone.

Designed and manufactured in Italy

Without a prescription

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Phimostop Description

Phimostop Plus is composed of 22 medical silicone elements, designed and produced to apply the consolidated technique of skin dilation to the phimotic ring, if subjected to progressive and constant pressure. 

Through the Phimostop procedure, the scar ring is weakened and rarefied, allowing the growth of new elastic cells that replace inelastic ones in a short period of time. Thus the foreskin can allow the glans to be uncovered

This is why the use of Phimostop may make circumcision surgery unnecessary.

Additional information

Tuboids: 22 tuboids of different sizes
Materials: Certified medical silicone.
Phimostop is produced and processed with polymers and ingredients indicated for medical use in accordance with the requirements of the regulations:
– FDA title 21 section CFR 177.2600 & BfR XV (silicone) for the food sector
– USP Class VI, ISO 10993 & 3A Sanitary standards for the medical sector
– KTW, W270, WRAS, ACS approval for the drinking water sector
– European Pharmacopoeia EP 3.1.9 for the pharmaceutical sector
The silicone used passed the ISO 10993 test series (haemocompatibility, cytotoxicity, 90-day-implantation, skin irritation and sensitization and pyrogenicity) and USP Class VI (acute systemic and intracutaneous toxicity, implantation) tests without showing any undesirable effects.
Reuse: Just disinfect before use. It can be washed with simple soap and water.
Patent: Protected by EU Patent No. 2648642

Times of use

The response of the foreskin to the dilation induced by the Phimostop tuboids is more or less rapid depending on several factors:

  • the type of phimosis (congenital or acquired)
  • the age of the phimotic scar ring
  • the degree of phimosis (mild, medium or severe)

The treatment can obtain the result in a few days if the phimosis is acquired and light, while for congenital and / or tight phimosis it will take longer.

Times can also vary significantly based on the subjective responses of the organism, which differ from patient to patient. Any longer times, however, do not affect the positive outcome of the treatment.

The key ingredient is patience. You need to give your body time to develop new cells.

For more information: What is Phimostop?

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