Phimostop is a validated and patented product

The Phimostop product was validated by the Ministry of Health on 13.01.2014 under No. 1058196, and has as its manufacturer, Phimomed Srls. The Italian patent was filed under the number: RM 2010A000632 on 06/12/2010. It was subsequently granted under the number 0001406753 on 07/03/2014. An EU patent was also granted, with the number 2648642.

Phimostop patent specifications

A protocol for the treatment of phimosis that:

A) enables remission of tight foreskin and the retraction of inelastic scar tissue without surgical circumcision;
B) has a preventive action to impede phimosis development as a result of inflammatory events;

C) allows maintenance of the lumen and optimal elasticity of the foreskin in individuals prone to recurrent phimosis;
D) induces a correction in congenital narrow foreskins to prevent them covering the glans.


A protocol for the prevention and correction of tight foreskin using static progressive dilation of the foreskin, implemented through a series of progressively increasing diameter Tuboid devices, appropriately configured to fit the foreskin, used in succession, first at the height of the glans with the smaller sizes, then around it, in shapes designed to release the frenulum, and finally, in most cases, to be positioned along the foreskin furrow and follow its morphology. All this with the aim of achieving, with prolonged application, and with each change, a weakening of the scar tissue ring and a greater diameter of the lumen of the foreskin, and from this, a greater elasticity, allowing insertion of the next Tuboid to repeat the process until normal function is restored.