How does Phimostop work?

Phimostop is a procedure that you perform using a series of progressively bigger ‘Tuboids’ that are manufactured in a soft hypoallergenic silicone, anatomically shaped and free of side effects. They can be worn without discomfort and don’t impede urination. They are really easy to use.

To cure tight and non-tight phimosis

The Tuboid you wear at the start of the treatment depends on the degree of tight foreskin. In practice, you should use one that can be inserted under the foreskin without any pain, that only needs you to apply gentle pressure to the phimotic ring. You must take care to follow the instructions and keep to them – continuously or within preferred ranges – until the small dilation obtained has consolidated, which allows you to put the next size of Tuboid ring on without any pain or excessive force.

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How does Phimostop work

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  • From the series of Tuboids available in the pack, choose the one that can be put on your penis without using excess force on your foreskin or causing any pain. It’s important to start off with the right Tuboid, and not to resort to higher calibres straight away.

  • Place the Tuboid on the dome of the glans, having retracted the foreskin far as you can. Then, pull the outer skin of the foreskin up around the Tuboid.

  • Next, with your thumb and forefinger, slide and move the inner skin of the foreskin upwards, so the phimotic ring falls back around the Tuboid and is stretched. The phimotic ring thus “embraces” the Tuboid (note: If you do not fit the phimotic ring around the Tuboid, it will not undergo any extension). To make inserting the Phimostop easier, dampening the Tuboid and foreskin may be indicated. It’s even more effective to grease the opening the foreskin with ointments or emollient creams to further facilitate insertion of the Tuboid and raising the foreskin over the sides.

  • Then attach the Tuboid by lowering the tabs and applying the patches on either side. Once inserted, a Tuboid can be kept in place until the first stage of tight foreskin regression is observed, which allows you to progress onto the next Tuboid of larger calibre (on average, 24-48 hours are enough, but results vary significantly from patient to patient). If insertion of the next biggest Tuboid proves difficult, consolidate the result by keeping the previous one on.

  • Proceed gradually, replacing the Tuboids with the next size up, until the phimosis is reduced. All this has to be carried out without excessive strain and with no pain at all. Hopefully, if this can be done without forcing, you can skip some of the intermediate gauges.

  • The process ends when the foreskin can be peeled back at the base of the glans without squeezing, even with an erection.

You are advised to wear the appropriate Tuboid for a few days / nights, even after finding a reduction of the phimosis, to allow the foreskin tissue to stabilise, to recover the physiological lumen and to consolidate the results, thereby reducing the chance of a recurrence.

The residence times needed for each Tuboid to achieve the objective are subject-specific, and depend on:

– the age of the phimotic ring
– the individual response to stretching

– the need to consolidate the dilatation obtained
– the time it takes to form new elastic cells.

To work out when the time is right to move onto the next Tuboid, we therefore suggest you don’t focus exclusively on the treatment you give it – expressed as an average time – but on improvements in the elasticity you have personally acquired. Responses and response times vary from person to person; this doesn’t mean in any way that the treatment is not having an effect, but only that a little more patience is needed.

The right time to move onto the next Tuboid is when the latter can be inserted without excessive force or stress. If this is not possible, continue with the protocol using the previous Tuboid size to obtain the necessary extension.


  • The Tuboids can be kept on permanently day and night, or according to your own requirements. You don’t even need to take it off to urinate. The presence of Tuboids does not cause any limitation of activities; in fact, you can almost forget you’re wearing it.

  • The product can be re-used, after treating it with soap and water, or with a quaternary ammonium disinfectant, antiseptic etc …

  • Remember, you don’t need to use the smaller Tuboids if your type of phimosis does not require them, and you don’t need to use the larger Tuboids if the phimosis has already been resolved using one with a smaller diameter. From the range of Tuboids supplied, choose to start with the one that can be inserted without force or excessive stress.

  • The Tuboids, up to the fourth size, stay in place without having to secure them in position with the tabs (which you can decide whether to use or not, according to your own convenience). The groove on the lower crown that is present on the first four Tuboids has been designed to facilitate its introduction with a screwing motion.

  • When using Phimostop consider wearing briefs instead of boxer shorts, so you have greater stability and avoid the risk of the Tuboid coming off.

  • It is rare, but not impossible, for relapses of partial narrowing of the foreskin to occur, which can be resolved by using a Tuboid for a short period of time. Position the Tuboid that led to resolution of the phimosis (one night every 15/30 days) to continue stabilising the result.

  • Once the tight foreskin has resolved, it may be useful to spend the daylight hours with the foreskin peeled back to the base of the glans. This will consolidate the result and keratinise the glans, making it less sensitive when it comes into contact with your clothing.

Additional uses


  • Phimostop use is reserved for adults.

  • Do not use in the presence of lesions and / or untreated infections. Check whether you have any hypersensitivity to the material the Tuboids are made from.

  • Phimostop is not suitable with atrophic sclerous lichen

  • Not suitable for treating a state of para phimosis (foreskin with phimosis blocking the groove of the glans, causing a “strangulating” constriction).

In general, we recommend

  • cleaning your hands, the foreskin, the glans and the Tuboids with soap and water before use;

  • being patient, and waiting for each extension to consolidate before moving onto the next Tuboid;

  • Suspending the protocol for a few days if you experience inflammation, taking care to treat it in the manner recommended by your doctor.

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