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Tight foreskin treatment without circumcision? Now it’s possible.

Phimostop allows tight foreskin to be treated without resorting to surgery. Although not an operation of exceptional complexity, circumcision still involves non-trivial costs, starting at around €1,500 or higher, depending on the facility performing it.

It’s an intervention that’s also offered by public health service hospitals, but, as the statistics prove, in Andrology and Urology units, circumcision is the surgical operation with the longest waiting lists, with delays of around two years. So, besides the obvious and very important advantages of physiological and psychological order, using Phimostop also makes a considerable economic saving possible, in addition to a huge reduction in healing times.

Phimostop is ideal for stretching tight foreskin.

  • Healing without surgery

    An innovative and unique approach to the non-surgical treatment of phimosis, as an alternative to surgical circumcision.

  • Lowers costs and reduces waiting times

    This phimosis stretching tool saves the cost of surgery and avoids long waiting lists.

  • Patented and tested

    Phimostop® is an internationally-patented item resulting from clinical studies conducted at a university hospital.

  • Ministry of Health Validation

    Phimostop is a protocol for tight foreskin treatment and retraction of inelastic scar tissue without surgical circumcision that has been validated by the Ministry of Health (No. 1058196).

  • No prescription required

    This is an affordable non-prescription aid, designed to return a patient to the state it was in before the tight foreskin.

  • In Pharmacy

    You can order this product from our website (the product arrives in an anti-tamper, anonymised parcel) or purchase it from Pharmacists, where available.

Phimostop can be purchased for phimosis treatment from Pharmacies, as well as online.

Phimostop heals phimosis without circumcision, using a patented technology as foreskin strecher. Phimostop stretches tight foreskin with a tubal dilator. Phimostop is the only medical remedy for phimosis treatment that’s sold in Pharmacists throughout the EU, and validated by the Ministry of Health.

We call these dilating technologies “Tuboids“: these stretch the tight foreskin discretely, with no stress, for hours or days. These objects are not all identical, but follow the profile of the glans and foreskin, with technical features that offer better performance exactly where it’s needed.

Tuboids can resolve both congenital phimosis and the phimosis that develops in adult men – respectively referred to as ‘tight’ phimosis and ‘non-tight’ phimosis. A key feature for patient comfort is the tab system, which is used to fix the Phimostop on the outer side of the foreskin, while small crowns contain the phimosis and prevent its contraction.

Phimostop – just put it on and forget about it, as it works for hours and days to gently stretch the foreskin.

Phimostop Plus is now our best-selling product for phimosis treatment. Thanks to the questions sent in by our customers, it has been perfected, and now allows a more ergonomic progression of Tuboids using 13 elements, in contrast to the 7 elements contained in the regular version.

Phimostop is the only product in its category to have obtained validation as DM Class I for the treatment of tight foreskin, and can be purchased online and at pharmacy stores without a prescription.

  • Phimostop is a tight foreskin stretching tool and cures phimosis naturally, without having to resort to surgery
  • Phimostop allows huge cost savings when compared to the cost of surgery, and works much faster, as there’s no delay on a long surgical waiting list
  • Phimostop has no side effects, and is 100% safe
  • Phimostop is a Class I product, and can be purchased without a prescription
  • Phimostop Tuboids are made of medically certified 45 silicone hose
  • Phimostop is also effective against congenital phimosis
  • Phimostop is the only medical device for treating tight foreskin without circumcision, and has been validated by the Ministry of Health for the European Community (EC)
  • Phimostop is an exclusive, internationally patented item that has been the subject of clinical studies in a university hospital for phimosis treatment
  • Phimostop was awarded a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, 2015
  • Phimostop guarantees absolute privacy, and is sent in a tamper-proof envelope from an anonymised sender