Modes and Times

Phimostop is a medical device indicated for the treatment of phimosis and its inelastic scar retraction.

The phimosis is essentially of two types: the scarring or acquired phimosis, and the so-called “congenital” one. In addition, the phimosis can be seen as closed and not closed, both curable with Phimostop.

phimostop plus tuboid

Response times

The  response  of the foreskin to the dilation induced by the Phimostop  tuboids  is more or less rapid depending on  several factors :

  1. the age of the phimotic scar ring.
  2. the degree of narrowing of the foreskin (light, medium or tight).
  3. the type of phimosis.

The treatment usually obtains the result in a  few days  (on average a week of treatment is sufficient)  in medium phimosis , a  few more  (about twenty days)  for tight phimosis . Times can also vary significantly based on the patient’s subjective responses. However, any longer times do not invalidate the positive outcome of the treatment.

Particular care must be taken in consolidating the result by following the  instructions  contained in the package leaflet. If you want a quicker solution to the problem, continuous use of Phimostop is recommended without interrupting the treatment during the day or night.