Leader nella cura della fimosi senza chirurgiaLeader in the treatment of phimosis without surgery.

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Healing without surgery

An innovative and unique approach to the non-surgical resolution of tight foreskin, it is an alternative to surgical circumcision.

Patented and tested

Phimostop is a European patent that is the subject of a clinical study at the Tor Vergata Hospital in Rome.

No prescription necessary

It is an affordable non-prescription aid that’s been designed to return a patient to the state it was in before the tight foreskin.

Lowers costs and reduces waiting times

Saves the expense of surgery, and avoids long waiting lists.

Ministry of Health Validation

Phimostop is a protocol for resolving phimosis and inelastic scar retraction without circumcision surgery that has been validated by the Ministry of Health (No. 105819).

Also in Pharmacy

You can order Phimostop from our website (the product arrives in an anti-tamper parcel with an anonymised sender) or buy it in pharmacies, if available.

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Cure phimosis without circumcision? Now you can!

Phimostop allows you to treat tight foreskin without resorting to surgery. Although not an operation of exceptional complexity, circumcision still involves non-trivial costs, which start from about €1,500 and higher, depending on the facilities performing it.

It is an intervention offered also by the public structures but, as the statistics attest, the circumcision is the surgical operation with the longest waiting lists in the departments of andrology and urology, with times that are around the 2 years. So, besides the obvious and very significant physiological and psychological benefits, using Phimostop also makes considerable economic savings possible, along with a huge reduction in healing time.

Phimostop is ideal for treating both tight and non-tight phimosis.


Exclusive benefits

  • Phimostop® cures tight foreskin naturally, without having to resort to surgery
  • Phimostop® can boast a success rate of over 96%
  • Phimostop® allows huge cost savings when compared to the cost of surgery, and works much faster than having to wait on a long surgical list
  • Phimostop® is a Class I product, and can be purchased without a prescription
  • Phimostop® Tuboids are made of a medically certified gauge 45 silicone hose
  • Phimostop® is free from side effects
  • Phimostop® is effective, in a faster time, even with so-called congenital phimosis
  • Phimostop® is the only medical device for treating phimosis without circumcision, and is validated by the Ministry of Health for the European Community (EC)
  • Phimostop® is an exclusive, internationally patented item that has been subjected to a clinical hospital university study
  • Phimostop® was awarded a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, 2015
  • Phimostop® guarantees absolute privacy, including a tamper-proof envelope with anonymised sender